Free Winter Clipart

Timeline consists of four different seasons and one of them is winter. It stays between autumn and spring.

The coldest month of winter is generally January (on the sea coasts, the coldest is often February due to the fact that the sea has a large temperature inertia). Depending on to the new norms of 1981-2010, the coldest month of winter is also February, it is not January as before. Although the least euphotic month is December, the earth's atmosphere is dormant and cooling maintains in January.

Winter is a great time of the year. It's not just freezing and cold, but the remarkable event of winter is snow. These days have come. With seeing this beauty of nature we can forget about all the sad moments in our lives. Snow covers the whole city and looks like a white blanket. As in the bright sunbeams, snowflakes sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. The snow creaks underfoot. Cold weather chills your nose and the air becomes quite clean and fresh.

The winter landscape glamorizes and fascinates the view. With looking at this beauty we understand how beautiful and wonderful the world is that it is worth living for such moments here.