Free Rose Clipart

One of the symbol of beauty is the rose flower because the harmony of the fragile petals and sharp spikes combines perfectly. Rose flower is a member of multicolored family. Even if most of the cases plants are branched bush, the stems of that are covered with spines, roses have green leaves and good smell, also they can be different colors.

In Ancient Rome, people began to grow roses, and it was the first. The main goal of garden was the cultivation of useful plants like fruits, vegetables and medicinal. However, in works of Roman writers we can see about 10 different types of roses.

The gigantic assortment of assortments of roses that exists these days is framed by intersection and choosing a few assortments of wild rose. Numerous assortments of park terry roses begin from the Rose Gallic named out of appreciation for its wide dispersion in France (Gaul).

In Russia, the first cultivation of roses was in 16th century. It is accepted that they came to Russia through the Balkan Slavic clans. Mass dissemination was gotten distinctly under Catherine II. Before the finish of the XIX century roses started to develop all through the European piece of Russia.