Free Paris Clipart

Paris is the capital city of France and the largest city in this country by population. Its location is on the banks of the River Seine in the northern part of the country, in the Ile-de-France region. The total area of the city is 105.4 square kilometers; the population is 2.148 million people. Moreover, Paris is the main economic and cultural center of France and Europe, as well as an important political center of Europe continent. Here you can find the headquarters of UNESCO and the International Chamber of Commerce.

If you go to Paris and arrive to the city at daytime or at night, the first and most important thing you need to see is the Eiffel Tower, which as if the guard who has proudly towered over the city for many years. Standing on the banks of the famous Seine is really amazing and the tower has a truly fascinating sight. Moreover, in sunny weather there is a stunning and unique view of the whole city opens up from its viewing platforms. If the weather is cloudy you seem to fall into another, "transcendental" world when standing on the top of the tower. At night, the tower is shrouded in radiance from millions of glowing light bulbs.

Paris is a city in that it is not hard to fall in love into, a city where everyone wears something for themselves. There are numerous architectural and religious monuments, cozy cafes and expensive boutiques will please true gourmets and connoisseurs of history.