Free Green Clipart

Green color has got different kinds of shades. Therefore, the value of green color cannot be described in a nutshell. It is made up of blue and yellow flowers which is Heaven and Earth; it is stated that this color has got mystical properties.

Moreover, green is the color of grass and leaves. The green color represents youth, hope, fun, but sometimes inadequate perfection or immaturity for most of the people in the world. Also, green color is material and has a calming and sometimes even depressing effect.

For life itself, nature and harmony that's all about green color. It is this color that is accepted all over the world.

For people whose green color is their favorite one, generosity and reliability are the main distinctive characteristics.

In addition, the shades of this color are also important. For instance, a dark green color means that a person likes stability. However, the characteristic of a pale green color is relaxation and even comfort.