Free Christmas Clipart

Christmas is one of the most important and main holiday of Christian society, arranged in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. Catholics, Protestants and a part of the Orthodox (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Japan) celebrate the holiday on December 25, the majority of Orthodox Christians and Copts continue celebrating it on the 7th of January (which is December 25 by old style).

Christmas that falls on the 7th of January is celebrated in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Kirghizia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ethiopia and Egypt.

In Armenia (and also in the Armenian community in Cyprus) Christmas is celebrated on the same day as Epiphany, i.e. on 6 of January.

The African country Ethiopia celebrates Christmas every month.

Moreover, Christmas on December 25 is a labor-free holiday in all countries of America and Western Europe; in a number of countries in Africa and Asia (including major countries such as India, Indonesia and Malaysia); in Australia, New Zealand and the countries of Oceania.

The name of the seasonal surface stream called El Niño (Eastern Pacific) is also associated with Christmas. Ecuadorian fishermen noticed there is a warm stream at the end of December. It brings water of low salt content, abundant in yellowfin tuna, bonito and dorado. The time the stream was discovered was associated with Christmas time, and the fishermen nicknamed it in honor of Christ the Child “El Corriente del Niño”.

The scientific literature uses the term El Niño since 1895.