Free Bread Clipart

Bread is a nutrition product which is made by baking, steaming or frying a dough consisting of a minimum of flour and water. In most cases, salt is added, as well as a baking powder, such as yeast that can also be used. Use wheat and rye flour or corn or barley to make bread. The word bread is generally used to name agricultural crops (wheat, rye, barley and others), as well as the grain itself of these crops and flour made out from it. Some forms of bread add spices such as cumin seeds, nuts, raisins, garlic, dried apricots and corn (sesame seeds, poppy seeds and others). In addition, the grains also serve as a decoration.

Bread might be eaten separately, but it is generally consumed with cream, peanut or sunflower oil, jam, margarine, jam, jam, jelly, honey, and of course for making hamburger. Also, bread is used as a base for a sandwich. Moreover, it can only be baked or subsequently browned (for example, in a toaster) and can be eaten almost without restriction from room temperature to a hot condition. In addition, bread is also used as a cutlery in some cultures.

Unpacked bread can be stored in a breadbox, and then it will remain fresh for a extended time.