Free Birthday Clipart

Birthday is the happies time in the life of each of us. It is generally a day of fun, joy, an ocean of kind words, amazing gifts and happy memories!

Generally, birthday celebration in one way or another is accepted by almost whole societies, although there may be individual exceptions such as morose old people.

Some people call birthday as name day but this word is incorrect. On the other hand, celebrant can also be called a newborn.

Moreover, there is a custom to prepare a festive treat for your friends and relatives at your birthday party. It is favorable to give presents to the celebrant and women often take flowers. In most scenarios, birthday is celebrated as a family or friend holiday. A festive table is prepared and people can decorate it with pancake or cake with lighted candles. In addition, the number of candles at the same time corresponds to the age of the celebrant.

Beside the birthdays there are also the so-called anniversaries. The most memorizing celebration is the 50th anniversary and the achievement of retirement age.