Free Apple Clipart

Apple is the product of an apple tree which you can eat fresh. Also, it serves as a raw material in cooking, baking cakes and for making drinks. It is stated that the birthplace of the apple tree is Central Asia. Additionally, the most appreciated apple tree is a home tree. Today there are many kinds of species of apple trees that grow in different climatic conditions and different kinds of areas.

In English there is an adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. According to some researches, people who eat enough apples can reduce the risk of bowel, prostate and lung cancer. In comparison with other fruits and vegetables, apples do not include as much vitamin C, but are rich in other antioxidants.

Furthermore, apple fiber stimulates intestinal motility which can reduce the risk of cancer, although it has a less content than in most other fruits. Fiber can also be useful for reducing heart diseases, losing weight and lowering cholesterol.

Apple seeds include a toxic glycoside amygdalin. It is generally stated that the cause of darkening the cut of an apple in air is the oxidation of iron compounds contained in the apple. In fact, darkening is caused by the formation of flobafenes from polyphenols with the participation of tyrosinase (polyphenol oxidase). In addition, similar changes of the polyphenols are happening in the case with potatoes.