Free Angry Clipart

The feeling of anger is generally referred to negative situations, yet in fact anger sometimes performs a protective function. Because of this feeling, a person understands that something is wrong in the situation according to his or her view, or he or she knows for sure the reason for it.

If people learn to control anger, then it can become a supportive indicator for determining your boundaries. Also, it can become a tool of self-knowledge and better interaction with other people.

After all of these, every person experiences anger, but sometimes people prefer not to realize it, to deny and try to suppress it; then the relations with loved ones become tedious. Additionally, it is impossible to show positive emotions because of suppressed anger.

In addition to this, the expression of anger shows trust, intimacy and sincerity. After all, being angry is considered to be unacceptable in our society. Hereby, showing anger means revealing it to the person.