The Position of Fairy Tales in Child Education

  • Published Date: Thursday, June 04 2020
  • Author: Markus Spiske
  • Views: 794

Tale is a fictitious or a true narrative or story which has been occurred by someone’s imagination and passed down by generations. People tell tales to their children in order to help them for sleeping or keep them in their beds. However, it has a huge role in children’s life and as a matter of fact it affects their job choices.

First of all, tales have an instructive role on children. By learning and listening tales children set the tales to their center of life and apprehend the notion of good and bad. They start living their lives with tales and they think the characters of tales are real. Furthermore, they start treating as tales characters and determine their attitudes with tales. In most of tales, there are moral notions and beneficial stories. Also, good characters always win and bad characters always lose. For this reason, tales encourage children to be good and prevent them from doing evil. By this, children become good people in future and grow up their kids like this. Moreover, this leads society to develop and keep society out of harm’s way.

Girl reading book

Secondly, tales assist children to be creative and help them to develop their imagination skills. In tales characters and places are not real so children have to imagine and shape them in their head. For children thinking is very beneficial activity. It helps children to enhance their brains. With all these, children become more productive and this will be a significant factor for children’s job in future. In their job, they want to produce something and do not want to be ordinary. In addition, this is an important factor in hiring jobs.

To sum up, tales have a huge role on children’s development and nearly affect their life in all parts. Tales are a disappearing culture but it shoul be existed and people should tell tales to their children.