Pets and Child Development

  • Published Date: Tuesday, June 02 2020
  • Author: Annie Spratt
  • Views: 1540

Although there are two views in the society about the animals and children living in the same house, the positive effects of domestic animals on children do not end and it has proven scientifically. Growing up a pet in house have mental, physical and emotional benefits for children.

If the child manifest love to animals, see love from them, taking responsibility for them in his care it contributes to the emotional and social development of the child. For example, children keep an eye on the animals' communication with each other. They see when they're happy or upset. Therefore, they learn to be more sensitive to their friends' problems or needs. In addition, taking responsibility for an animal improves the sense of responsibility. This increases self-confidence. This leads he or she to become more aware his or her environment and become more susceptible.

Pets and Child

Furthermore, animals contribute to children's mental development. The world of animals is so varied and rich. Each animal has different colors, features, shapes and characters. Children love to explore them. During this discovery, the child develops the skills of researching, perceiving, memorizing, analyzing, categorizing, relating and solving problems. Besides, emotional, motivational and personality traits are enriched in the child.

Moreover, pets also provide support for children's developmental areas. For example, when imitating animals, moving and jumping like them, improves body coordination and balance; helps in the development of large and small muscles.

Also, the fact that children are engaged with animals helps them gain skills in areas where they are weak and become stronger in these areas. Talking about animals is one of the most entertaining topics for children. Talking about them will cause them to have a chance to communicate with their peers. These conversations also help children to make friends. In addition, with learning things about animals and their care they learn many words and this will help them to improve their speaking skills and vocabulary.

To sum up, pets are beneficial for child development and love children more than them.