Is technology harmful for children?

  • Published Date: Saturday, May 30 2020
  • Author: Austin Distel
  • Views: 2729

Nowadays, technology is an important phenomenon that has been using in almost all parts of our life. We use technology even in our basic and daily activities. For this reason, our children are affected by technology inevitably. Children see technology as means of entertainment and spend most of their times with video games. They change their playing environment and they cannot break away from it. They become addicted and it causes many other harmful problems for children.

children online

Firstly, technology creates a virtual environment and children spent most of their time on it so they break away from real world. It makes them asocial and when they go outside they have problems such as having no friends, cannot talk with people etc. It leads to loneliness in children and it cannot be solved easily.

Children who is at the age of 4-12 are still in play age. However, children who spend the time with computer games have shorter playing period than children who are playing with toys. The pleasure they get from the toys is also diminishing over time. However, it is important for children to complete the play age in a healthy way to properly complete the development. Children who spend more time with playing computer games are faced with the risk of leaving game period early.

Moreover, in virtual games, aggression and power are more common themes. Researches show that playing violent computer games causes instantaneous increases in aggressive behaviors and it also reveals that children who are playing violent games are more aggressive than their peers. Violent games also cause children to become more anxious. These children are more likely to abide by the rules set by their parents or teachers.

To sum up, technology is important in people’s life and parents should be aware of how their children use the technology. Technology may cause detrimental consequences to children.