Career Choice and Parents

  • Published Date: Wednesday, May 13 2020
  • Author: Saulo Mohana
  • Views: 1669

It is necessary for parents and their children to know their abilities very well in order for their children to contribute to the selection of a good career, many families are mistaken. A long-term process is needed to recognize the child's professional skills. Parents who want their child to have a good profession need to make observations over a long period of time, starting with the pre-school period. In order to be able to lead a right career, parents should be able to objectively observe what their children are interested in, what they are capable of, what they are doing when doing a job. This process begins at very early ages. Because the beginning of the child's interest is before the school. In order for their children to be able to help them choose a good career, they need to observe very well what they are doing in preschool and in their knowledge, skills and social environment and playgroups. They can help children more accurately and objectively.

Career Choice

Some duties within the family improve the child's ability to make responsibility and make decisions, which makes a significant contribution to choosing the right job. If parents do the responsibilities that the child needs to fulfill, their talents will not emerge. There are no children without talent. Every child has more than one skill, but it has to be discovered. You need an enviromental wealth to get your talent to come out. That is, the child lives in different situations in different environments, and fighting against these situations enables him to show his existing ability. If the mother and father ensure that the child is in different activities, both the child and the family can realize what their original ability is.

Moreover, it is necessary to explain that the choice of profession is not just to make Money. The child must be able to discover himself by creating opportunities. It should not be forgotten that children are an individual, their talents and goals, and their own personality.